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How Unified Communications is Revolutionizing VoIP for Healthcare Providers and Improving Patient Care

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What is VoIP for Healthcare Offices and How Can It Benefit the Healthcare Office?

Voice over IP (VoIP) has revolutionized how healthcare providers communicate with their patients. VoIP for healthcare providers allows to make and receive calls over the Internet, eliminating the need for expensive phone lines.

By using Wondercomm’s VoIP phone services, healthcare providers can save time and money while providing better communication with their patients. Additionally, VoIP can be used to connect multiple offices in different locations, allowing doctors to collaborate more easily. With a robust and flexible VoIP system, doctor’s offices can benefit from improved efficiency and cost savings while providing better patient care.

Imagine you’re a new Healthcare Business and need a VoIP solution for your practice or clinic. The most impressive benefit of Wondercomm’s Solution in VoIP for Healthcare is that it can be set up within a day and your healthcare business can start making and receiving calls almost immediately. Of course, the hardware would take a few days to arrive and when it does, it’s pre-configured. All you have to do it simply plug it in and start using your new phones. Yes, it’s that simple!

Wondercomm’s multi-level auto attendant (IVR) allows your business to take advantage of this powerful VoIP PBX enterprise feature. With multi-level auto attendant, patients and callers can be directed to the correct department reducing call transfer and wait times.

Wondercomm’s business phone system calling queues allows your healthcare business to handle many simultaneous incoming calls at once. Callers can be placed in queues where agents can service them as per priority.

This brings us to one of the best benefits of VoIP in Healthcare – Powerful Integrations. Wondercomm’s solution offers integrations with your EHR solution. This greatly improves patient care and healthcare staff’s workflows.

Wondercomm also integrates with the leading CRM and Billing systems to make your workflows even more productive.

How Wondercomm’s VoIP Phone System Enhances Patient Communication & Satisfaction

hipaa compliant voip

With the help of Wondercomm’s voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) technology, healthcare providers are able to improve patient care and satisfaction by providing better communication solutions. Lets see how Wondercomm enhances Patient Communication and satisfaction in your healthcare business.

  • Integration with EHR (Electronic Health Record) system: Wondercomm integrates with the most popular EHR solutions improving patient care and satisfaction.
  • Inbound Call handling and call routing: Prioritize calls that are important and route them to the appropriate destination.
  • Virtual Patient Care: Wondercomm provides a fully HIPAA-compliant solution for your video visits to patients.
  • Secure Emails and File Sharing + Sync: Communicate securely, collaborate effectively, and from anywhere!

The Benefits of Using a Dedicated VoIP & Unified Communications System for Healthcare Professionals

voip for healthcare

In today’s healthcare industry, secure healthcare communications are a necessity. With the increased need for HIPAA-compliant VoIP systems, dedicated solutions in VoIP for healthcare for professionals and medical offices provides a secure and reliable way to communicate with patients and other providers.

By using a dedicated VoIP system such as Wondercomm’s HIPAA Compliant VoIP Phone System, healthcare professionals can ensure that their communications are confidential and compliant with HIPAA regulations. The benefits of using a dedicated VoIP system for healthcare professionals, such as improved security, cost savings, and more efficient communication. Lets go over some of the main benefits of using Wondercomm:

  • Automated Patient Reminder: You can schedule reminders for patients and send them messages directly from Wondercomm’s VoIP for Healthcare system. This reduces the number of calls received and improves productivity.
  • Omni-Channel: Your patients’ can reach you in more than one way. Open channels for patients and staff to communicate via calls, recorded phone messages, and emails.
  • Call Prioritizing + Automated Messages: If a caller is calling to find out your working hours, you may not want to connect them to an agent just to provide this information, as it can be handed through pre-recorded messages. This can be implemented via auto-attendant call flows.
  • Easy Scalability: When your business needs more staff, Wondercomm can be easily scaled up to meet the demands.
  • Integration with EHR: Allows healthcare businesses to provide better patient assistance, notify patients of any changes to their EHR and do all this while being fully HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA Compliant VoIP System

There are several benefits of a healthcare-specific VoIP system. These include:

  • Secure communications  
  • Increased productivity
  • Cost savings due to decreased inefficiency and;
  • Reduced travel time-Improved patient care.

The HIPAA compliant solutions offered today by dedicated providers such as Wondercomm offers these benefits at lower costs than traditional business-facing options. Additionally, these solutions offer an easier transition for healthcare providers who don’t have the technical expertise or budget to invest in their own PBXs and phones.

In addition, Wondercomm’s HIPAA Compliant solution offers a much more secure and efficient system for healthcare providers by leveraging SRTP to secure communications between healthcare providers and patients. HIPAA compliance also helps healthcare professionals by improving security rules of communications across complex networks as well as providing greater oversight for compliance.

These considerations are especially important in medical communication, where patient safety is at stake. This is because the HIPAA-compliant systems provide a robust set of tools that make it easier to monitor compliance with the Privacy Rule such as voice activity detection, call recording, auditing capabilities that capture key events on the call and audit them, and automated reporting capabilities.

What to Look for When Choosing A Quality VoIP Service Provider For Your Healthcare Office?

hipaa compliant voip

For medical offices, having a reliable and secure VoIP for healthcare service providers is essential. With the right provider, you can ensure that your staff is able to communicate with patients quickly and securely. Choosing the right VoIP service provider for your medical office can be a difficult task.

  • There are many factors to consider when selecting a quality VoIP service provider for your medical office, such as cloud-based phone system features, virtual phone numbers, call forwarding options and customer support.
  • Additionally, ask your VoIP provider about HIPAA compliance and how they support and deploy the solution.
  • Few VoIP providers, such as Wondercomm, also provide training for the medical office admin to learn all the features of the new phone system and use them to be more proactive.
  • More importantly, ask your provider if the hardware is included in the monthly pricing. Wondercomm’s plans include free hardware and provisioning so medical offices do not need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchasing hardware and new desk phones. And if you’re migrating from another VoIP provider, ask your new HIPAA compliant VoIP Provider about supporting old hardware.

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has revolutionized the way healthcare professionals and medical offices communicate and interact with their patients. VoIP for healthcare has enabled hospitals & institutions to provide better care and improved patient experience. VoIP allows for real-time communication, which can be used to monitor patient data, health, provide support, and address any issues or concerns that may arise.

By leveraging the power of VoIP, healthcare organizations can ensure that their patients get the best possible care available. With Wondercomm’s VoIP Phone system, healthcare providers and medical offices can create a more efficient workflow while providing better customer service, satisfaction, and HIPAA compliance.




Which service is The Best VoIP For Healthcare?

With Wondercomm, your business receives a fully supported VoIP solution that is easily scalable, robust and HIPAA compliant. It brings powerful integration capabilities with your billing and ERP software.

With a powerful app that integrates directly with your Wondercomm account that allows doctors and healthcare professionals to make and receive business calls directly from the app no matter where they are to provide help and support to their patients whenever they need it.

What is a Benefit of VoIP?

Here are some of the most used features in VoIP for Healthcare providers and professionals:

  • Mobile and Desktop Apps: An effective mobile app allows doctors and patients to securely communicate with one another. Doctors and healthcare staff can respond to calls even when they’re away from their desks and have the full functionality of the PBX.
  • Auto Attendant / Virtual Attendant: It is imperative for any healthcare provider to have a well-designed auto attendant to direct patients to the correct destination. Multi-level menu options ensure that every patient who calls is answered by the most appropriate person for their situation.
  • Hunt Groups and Page Groups are used to notify and alert multiple doctors or staff in case of an emergency or an important message that needs attention. In this way, medical administrators can reach more than one person at any time.
  • Video Conferencing allows medical professionals to easily schedule and host video meetings online with patients or internal staff.
  • Enhanced Voicemail with transcription is an extremely useful feature in VoIP for healthcare practices as it allows medical admins to review and direct messages to the appropriate department.
  • Wondercomm is easy to set up, deploy, and scale, and rest assured, you’re always a phone call away from speaking to a human for support.

Are VoIP phones HIPAA compliant?

Wondercomm’s solution in VoIP for Healthcare Industry is fully HIPAA compliant. Wodnercomm’s account managers work with your healthcare business to deploy all HIPAA compliance requirements.

While there are no guidelines for VoIP Phones to be HIPAA compliant, Wondercomm still provides secure communication to all healthcare providers to communicate securely with their patients and have peace of mind.

HIPAA does have guidelines around data (voicemails, emails, and file storage).

  • Email HIPAA compliance: Access Control Authentication, ePHI security and integrity (both at rest and in transit), and Audit Control best practices.
  • Secure File Sharing and Syncing: Security, integrity, and Mobility are key areas of HIPAA compliance focus and Wondercomm ensures that file sharing that parses through our systems meets HIPAA compliance.
  • Voice Services: The HIPAA violation guidelines state that we protect PHI for voicemails and call recordings. HIPAA requires you to maintain the privacy of your patients’ voice messages and voice accounts through strictly controlled access, secure transmission, and storage.

What HIPAA requires, Wondercomm delivers.

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