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Unlimited calling with a powerful UC Client.

Your challenges, our solution. Wondercomm is all you need. Get 30+ enterprise-level features from the best provider of  VoIP Phone for Small Businesses in Canada & USA.

Get work done. Anytime, Anywhere.

Team Work makes the Dream Work.

Define Workflows that suit your needs.

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Achieve more from anywhere. Mobility features are baked into Wondercomm.

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  • Reliable Support

  • Call Forwarding

  • Mobile Integration

  • e-FAX

  • Voicemail Transcription

  • Time Routing

  • Presence Groups

  • User Status

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  • Multiple Devices on One Extension

Collaboration & Productivity

Smart intelligent business solutions

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  • Share & Collaborate

    Powerful Chat. Public/Private Channels; Direct/Outside Messages.

  • File Sharing

    Clear email clutter by sharing files with teams.

  • Conference

    Audio - Video - Screen Share | Up to 30 participants

  • Call Groups

    Forward calls to Ring Groups.

  • Paging

    Forward calls to Ring Groups.

  • Stats for Nerds

    Call Statistics available for

business and office phone system
Unparalleled Flexibility

The Best Communications Solution For All Business Types

Virtual Attendant
Customize your user experience with power Menu and Sub-Menu Options.
Failover Routing
Business continuity in case of emergencies.
Call Center
Manage Agents, Call Queues, Monitor Incoming Calls effectively.
Call Parking
Park incoming calls to parking spots for users.
Call Recording
Record calls as per business policies and compliance with our VoIP phone system
Call Logs
As the best VoIP phone service provider for small business in Canada & USA, we provide detailed CDRs that are available on Admin Portal.
Security & Privacy
Encrypt your calls using SRTP and make them private using just a couple of digits with help of our superior VoIP phone service for small businesses.
Block Calls
Block Anonymous Calls and Blacklist Spam Callers.
User portal for managing extensions, devices, voicemail and much more.
User Portal
Users can view their devices, voicemails, call records and other VoIP features.
Directory Services
Help callers find their desired party quickly through directory services.
Incoming Caller ID
Prepend Department names to incoming calls to Groups and Users.
Wondercomm Chat
Business-driven chat application, available across multiple platforms, built from the ground up with Unified Communications in mind.
Call Routing, Voicemail & History
A user may manage their own call routing by de- fining which devices to ring, in which order, and for what duration of time.
Call Recording
When a user is recorded on the Wondercomm platform, the recording will be sent to the Wondercomm application and the record will appear without the need to refresh anything.
Call Center Console
A user can access the Wondercomm platform call center console from the Wondercomm application. This enables a user to monitor the status of their queues and agents in real time. The interactive display allows the user to click on an agent and see their specific queue statistics.
Contacts Integration & Management
Wondercomm Contacts the first milestone in our goal to provide the most robust UC product on the market. Contacts was the center point of all our communications, and this new feature integrates your contacts with Wondercomm App.
Wondercomm Meetings
With Wondercomm Meeting you can now take your company farther the ever then before.
Wondercomm Web Phone
Never worry again about mobility. If you have access to a computer, you have access to your office phone system!
Wondercomm Tasks
The tasks module allows a user to manage their personal and organizational tasks within the Wondercomm application.
Tasks Mobile
The tasks module would not be complete without a mobile app! Take your tasks on the road with Wondercomm Tasks Mobile available for iOS and Android. Enjoy the same robust functionality on your mobile device as your desktop application.
Wondercomm Notes
Wondercomm Notes the Next module in the productivity tool created for the wondercomm application.
Notes Mobile
Do you like to take notes on the go? Now you can with Wondercomm Note mobile! Take your notes on the road or wherever life may take you.
Presence Groups allow you to monitor, in real time, the phone status of other users and parking slots in your account.
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