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VoIP for Business

Is there a monthly charge for VoIP?
Yes, there is typically a monthly charge for VoIP services. Wondercomm offers competitive pricing plans for VoIP for business needs. Our plans start at as little as $14.99 per user per month. Visit https://wondercomm.net/voip-for-business/ for detailed pricing information.
What is the best VoIP phone for small business?
When looking for the best VoIP phone for your small business, Wondercomm offers a range of options to suit your needs. Explore our plans at https://wondercomm.net/voip-for-business/ and contact us for personalized custom recommendations.
How much does VoIP cost for a small business?
Wondercomm offers VoIP plans starting at just $14.99 per user per month. Find the perfect plan for your business at https://wondercomm.net/voip-for-business/.
How do I set up VoIP for my business?
Setting up VoIP for your business is hassle-free with Wondercomm. Visit wondercomm.net for setup instructions or reach out to our excellent support team through tickets, phone, or email for step-by-step guidance. All we need are basic details for your business - like Name, Authorized Contact details and address to set up your account.
Is VoIP better for business?
Yes, VoIP is an excellent choice for businesses due to its cost-effectiveness and feature-rich capabilities. Wondercomm specializes in VoIP solutions designed to enhance business communication. For a small business, having features such as multi-level IVR, call recording capabilities, and time of the day routing are highly sought after. For a complete list of features, please visit https://wondercomm.net/business-voip-full-feature-list//
Do VoIP phones have a monthly fee?
No, VoIP phones typically do not have a separate monthly fee and any hardware only carries a one-time initial purchase. VoIP services are bundled into your chosen plan. Explore our pricing options at https://wondercomm.net/voip-for-business/.
Is VoIP cheaper than a landline?
Yes, VoIP is generally more cost-effective than traditional landline services. Discover the cost savings of VoIP at https://wondercomm.net/voip-for-business/.
Who pays for a VoIP call?
The cost of VoIP calls is typically covered by the subscriber or the business using the VoIP service. But, when you choose Wondercomm, all our plans include unlimited local and long-distance calling (state-side US and Canada). Please visit https://wondercomm.net/voip-for-business/ for detailed pricing information.
How much Internet do you need for VoIP?
VoIP Internet requirements vary, but a stable broadband connection is recommended. Typically, modern ISP high speed internet is more than sufficient for most businesses. It is recommended that you have a separate network for VoIP when dealing with over 10 phones or in case of issues.
How much does VoIP cost in the US?
Wondercomm offers competitive US pricing and transparent billing. We only charge for the service and any applicable taxes/fees. The SIP trunk and unlimited local and long-distance calling are included in all our plans.
How are VoIP calls billed?
Wondercomm offers Unlimited local and long distance calls across all plans. Explore our plans at https://wondercomm.net/voip-for-business/
Are long-distance calls free on VoIP?
Yes, all long distance calling within state-side US and in Canada is free!
What is the easiest VoIP phone to use?
Our preferred manufacturer is Yealink, but Wondercomm also supports Cisco, Polycom, Snom and Fanvil. Additionally, any device that is not supported can still be set up using the traditional method. For more information, please write to our support staff at [email protected]
What are the disadvantages of VoIP phones?
There are no real disadvantages of using VoIP phones. They are packed with all kinds of voice and PBX features that you could need. VoIP Phones are purpose built and deliver the best audio for voice calling. However, if your business needs SMS/Texting or chat-based features, those functions are best handled via the web client or the mobile app.
Do I need to buy a special phone for VoIP?
All plans include 1 local phone number for your business. You can easily add more phone numbers for your users, SMS, different departments, and more. All rates depend on the upstream carrier provider that Wondercomm uses. Local numbers at cost are simply passed on to the customer with no markup. For more information, contact our very capable support team at [email protected].
Can I get VoIP for free?
While some providers offer limited free VoIP services, comprehensive business solutions may come with a cost. Explore our affordable plans at https://wondercomm.net/voip-for-business/ and sign up for a trial for 15 days, no credit card required!
What is the cheapest VoIP provider?
Wondercomm offers competitive pricing for VoIP services. Check out our budget-friendly plans at https://wondercomm.net/contact-us/.
Do I need a provider for VoIP?
Yes, you need a reliable VoIP provider like Wondercomm for quality service. Learn more about VoIP's benefits and why it's a trusted choice on our website.
Why is VoIP not accepted?
While the world is moving from traditional telephony to VoIP PBX systems, VoIP may not be accepted in certain remote areas fall outside of carrier zones. For those areas, and because of the carrier limitations, traditional phone lines may be a better option.
Does Google have free VoIP?
Yes, Google has a free VoIP service for individuals which is very limited in features and virtually non-existent customer support. For a reliable service you need a VoIP provider like Wondercomm that scales with your business and offers all enterprise features.
Do I need a VoIP for my small business?
Whether your small business needs VoIP depends on your communication requirements. VoIP can be a valuable asset for many businesses due to its cost-effectiveness and features. VoIP can be a game-changer for small businesses. It's more than just a phone system; it's a versatile communication tool. With VoIP from Wondercomm, you can streamline your business communication and enjoy features like voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, and more. Plus, we make it easy to get started and even help you acquire a dedicated phone number to give your business a professional edge. Consider VoIP if:

• You want to reduce phone bills.
• You need advanced call features like call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, and virtual extensions.
• Your business requires flexibility in terms of remote work and mobile communication.
• You want to scale your phone system easily as your business grows.
What are three devices needed for VoIP?
To use VoIP effectively, you'll need the following devices:

• VoIP Phone: This can be a physical VoIP desk phone, or a softphone application installed on a computer or mobile device. It's the primary tool for making and receiving VoIP calls.

• Internet Connection: A stable broadband internet connection is crucial for VoIP. It provides the necessary bandwidth for clear voice quality and uninterrupted communication.

• Router or Modem: Your router or modem connects your VoIP phone to the internet. Ensure it's compatible with VoIP and configured correctly to prioritize VoIP traffic for optimal call quality.
Do you have a phone number with VoIP?
Yes, when you subscribe to a VoIP service like Wondercomm, you can get a phone number. This number can often be selected from available options or ported from your existing landline. It allows you to make and receive calls over the VoIP network, just like a traditional phone number. Additionally, VoIP providers may offer virtual phone numbers in different geographic regions, giving your business a local presence even if you're physically located elsewhere.
Can I just plug a VoIP phone into my router? What equipment do I need to use VoIP?
Setting up VoIP is a breeze with Wondercomm. To get started, you'll need a VoIP phone, a stable internet connection, and a compatible router or modem. Our experts can guide you through the equipment requirements and provide step-by-step setup instructions. Contact us to explore the essentials and ensure a smooth VoIP experience.
Can I use my cell phone to make VoIP calls? Can I set up my own VoIP system?
Absolutely! Your cell phone can become a powerful VoIP tool with Wondercomm's solutions. Whether you prefer using a mobile app or configuring your cell phone as an extension of your VoIP system, we've got you covered. Learn more about the possibilities, contact us today.
Do you need a modem or router for VoIP?
Yes, having a modem or router is typically essential for a VoIP service to function smoothly. These devices ensure your VoIP calls have the necessary internet connectivity. At Wondercomm, we can advise you on selecting the right modem or router and help you configure it for optimal VoIP performance. Find compatible equipment details for your business, contact us today.
Can I keep my landline number with a VoIP phone?
Yes, you can often retain your familiar landline number when transitioning to VoIP with Wondercomm's convenient porting services. We understand the importance of your existing number and make the switch seamless, so your clients can reach you without interruption.
Can you keep your phone number if you switch to VoIP?
Absolutely! Wondercomm assists in the smooth transition of your current phone number to our VoIP service. We make sure you keep the number your customers know and trust while enjoying the benefits of VoIP.
How do I convert my phone line to VoIP?
Transitioning your phone line to VoIP is effortless with Wondercomm's expert guidance and support. We'll walk you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless switch that enhances your business communication. Learn the ins and outs of converting to VoIP, contact us today.
Can VoIP receive texts?
Yes, VoIP is not limited to voice communication; it can also handle text messages. Wondercomm offers comprehensive VoIP services, including texting capabilities, to meet your communication needs. Discover the versatility of VoIP, contact us today.
Why is everyone switching to VoIP?
Businesses are increasingly adopting VoIP due to its cost savings, flexibility, and advanced features. Explore the advantages that are driving this transition and see why VoIP is becoming the preferred choice for modern communication, read all about the useful VoIP features here, or contact us for more details.
What are the attacks against VoIP?
VoIP security is crucial, as it can be vulnerable to various attacks. Wondercomm prioritizes your security and can help you understand the risks and protect your VoIP system from potential threats.
What is the risk of VoIP?
Understanding the risks associated with VoIP is essential for safeguarding your communication. Wondercomm takes VoIP security seriously and can guide you on how to manage and minimize these risks effectively.
What happens to VoIP if the network fails?
Wondercomm's VoIP services are designed to be resilient, even in the event of network failures. Explore how our solutions ensure uninterrupted communication during challenging situations.
Is VoIP a security risk?
VoIP security is a top priority at Wondercomm. We implement robust measures to protect your communication. Learn how we proactively address security concerns to keep your data safe and secure.
Can VoIP calls be traced?
Regular VoIP Calls can be traced if not protected properly. Also, if your business needs encrypted communications then Wondercomm’s SRTP encrypted calling is available. Learn about traceability in VoIP calls with Wondercomm's insights.
Is a cell phone considered VoIP?
While cell phones can utilize VoIP technology, they are not exclusive to VoIP. Explore the hybrid nature of cell phones and VoIP technology with us, contact us today.
Is Google Voice a VoIP?
Yes, Google Voice is a VoIP service. Wondercomm can help you understand the features and advantages of Wondercomm compared to Google Voice. Explore the options available, contact us today.
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