Things To Know Before Buying a SIP Phone

1. Not all IP phones are compatible with SIP

IP phones and SIP phones are two different things. IP phones work purely with VoIP lines and transmit voice over internet lines. On the other hand, SIP phones can share more than just voice data

2. Conference phones have some curveballs

SIP conference phones can sometimes throw unexpected challenges your way. One common example is a complex user interface that takes much longer to get used to than you and your employees might expect.

3. Some SIP phone features are not universal

Before purchasing a SIP phone, it’s important to identify the key features and functionalities that are essential for your business. SIP phones can serve many purposes, so they don’t all do the exact same things

4. You need a reliable internet connection

SIP phones depend on a stable and reliable connection because they use VoIP technology to send voice data over the internet. If your internet connection is unstable, then you might face continous call drops.

5. You need a power backup

While we won’t go out of our way to endorse working in the dark, it’s not unheard of these days for city power grids to go down. And while traditional phone lines might continue to operate during a power outage but on the other hand the SIP phones will stop working without a proper power supply

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