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Designing your Phone System with Wondercomm

small business phone system

It is a daunting task to implement a small business phone system for your organization. There are too many moving parts when it comes to Voice over IP but we’ll make the process of planning out your phone system deployment as simple as possible. This process is applicable to any small and medium business out there.


The Components

First things first, there are 3 basic components of a business phone system – The Server, The Service and Equipment. Wodnercomm provides all three of these components under one roof to complete your phone system planning and deployment.



  • The Server
  • The Service
  • Equipment
This is the brains of the phone system and is critical for routing incoming and outgoing calls, deploying features such as virtual attendant, time of the day routing, conference bridge, hunt groups, find me follow me just to name a few. Wondercomm’s cloud hosted server runs efficiently and securely in our data centers with redundant back up and has a 99.999% uptime SLA with hosting providers.
Wondercomm offers a carrier grade SIP trunks with all packages ensuring scalability, dynamic bursting (if required), disaster recovery - which is designed to protect your business during unexpected service interruptions.
Wondercomm can run on just about anything you can think of. Mobile & Desktop Apps, VoIP phones, Legacy Enterprise Equipment, Broadcast equipment and much more.

Easily plan and estimate your costs

  • Choose
  • Estimate
  • Submit
Step 1
Navigate to Wondercomm’s Pricing page and start by Selecting a plan that fits closest to your needs. Don’t worry if there is a feature that is included in a higher tier plan - with Wondercomm, you can easily mix and match features and plans. We know that every business is unique.
Step 2
To estimate your monthly costs, simply use the interactive slider in the sidebar. This will provide you a close enough estimate when budgeting for your phone system.
Step 3
Now that you’ve calculated your monthly costs and found the plans and features you’re looking for, simply fill out the form and submit. From there on, hang tight while one of our team member evaluates and reaches out to you.

Deployment & Training

Wondercomm will ship the equipment to your site(s), can provide on-site support to install and train your staff. We’ll hold your hand to familiarize and train your staff with best practices in VoIP, how to use mobile & desktop apps and much more.

business phone system


If you like this article, please share it with your colleagues and business partners, it really helps us out. Head over to Wondercomm.net to learn more about our products and services. Wondercomm is a carrier grade cloud hosted VoIP provider serving United States and Canadian businesses with their telecommunications needs. If you need any VoIP and Networking equipment, please send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll definitely get you the most competitive prices on your equipment.

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